About Oncobiologics

Oncobiologics is committed to advancing biotherapeutics to treat serious diseases, including cancer and immune disorders through the development of both novel molecules using the TRIDENT™ platform and biosimilar monocolonal antibodies.

NOVEL BIOTHERAPEUTICS:  We are developing a pipeline of next generation biotherapeutics focused on clinically validated targets in the therapeutic areas of oncology, immuno-oncology, and immunology.

These products are based on our proprietary TRIDENT™ discovery platform, a plug-and-play discovery scaffold that leverages fully human single-chain, bi-specific antibodies with HSA binding with the goal of achieving significantly enhanced efficacy, safety, and pharmacokinetics with targeted delivery.

BIOSIMILARS:  Oncobiologics is utilizing its scientific strengths and technical infrastructure to rapidly develop a portfolio of therapeutically important and commercially-attractive mAb biosimilars,

Our team employs an extensive suite of orthogonal analytics to demonstrate a high degree of biosimilarity with the innovator molecule . We offer partners a comprehensive technical package and flexible business model for advancing these valuable assets.


Oncobiologics was formed by a team  of accomplished scientists and engineers with more than 100 years of aggregate experience in major pharmaceutical and biotech companies.  

The organization combines the world-class know-how of leading discovery and development scientists with the agile, innovative culture of a start-up. We have also developed an expert advisory team  and partnerships with leading institutions to complement and synergize withour internal capabilities.