Analytics & Formulations Tour

Analytics & Formulations Development Labs

State-of-the-Art Instrumentation to drive protein characterization and stability

  • Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer:  accurate and precise assessment of post-translational modifications

  • UPLC for higher resolution chromatography

  • Biological characterization to delve into structure/function relations of product substances and variants

  • Bioassay development and characterization  to probe product mechanism of action

  • ELISA and cell-based assays

  • Biacore and fluorescence microscopy

  • Full battery of protein product quality testing  (HPLC, CE, gels, glycan structure, particle distribution)

    • Orthogonal and complementary methods for complete product quality profiling

    • UPLC for high throughput chromatography

  • Biochemical and biophysical characterization for  formulation optimization

    • DSC, Light scattering, spectroscopy

    • Higher order structure and stability profiling in 96-well plate format

  • Investigation of multiple modes of product degradation for complete product profiling

  • Electronic Lab Notebook usage, compliant with cGMPs



Formulation and Analytics main lab.

Mass spectrometry lab.


Loading the mass-spec system.


Bioassay lab.