In-House CMC Development

We have established a research and development laboratory, which we believe enables the rapid development of high-quality mAb biosimilars and biologics. By establishing this infrastructure in-house, we have shortened the typical time required to perform the mandatory interdisciplinary iterative steps to develop mAb biosimilar products, which we believe reduces the cost of development. This infrastructure and the accompanying expert teams support CMC development of novel biologics for our CDMO partners as well. Our platform provides us with a differentiated approach to the following compulsory steps required to develop biosimilars:


  • Reference Product Characterization and Cell Line Development: We initially reverse engineer the amino acid sequence and identify the critical quality attributes of the reference product that in turn provides the criteria for the clone selection process. We utilize automated technologies to enable thousands of clones to be screened in an accelerated timeline.
  • Bioprocess: We utilize high-throughput mini bioreactors to assess the screened clones and media components to determine which clone and process will produce a biosimilar candidate with the closest match to the reference product. We have developed a platform of chromatography techniques that are strategically combined to maximize product-yield while meeting the critical quality attributes of the reference product.
  • Formulation: The formulation that best preserves the stability of the biosimilar candidate may be different than the actual formulation of the reference product. We use high-throughput techniques to screen and evaluate many formulation variations to identify the most effective stable formulation.
  • Analytical Characterization and In Vitro Similarity: We utilize numerous advanced analytical techniques and instruments to enable us to interpret the chemical and structural similarity between our biosimilar candidate and the reference product. We apply a rigorous analytical approach to characterize attributes such as structure (primary, secondary and tertiary), size and glycosylation, among others. We test up to approximately 60 quality attributes with approximately 45 analytical methods. The biological characterization assays support establishing the in vitro similarity. Our in-house capabilities provide an expeditious and thorough assessment of biochemical, biophysical and functional attributes.