Oncobiologics is a privately held biopharmaceutical company that was founded in 2011 with modest seed funding and has since made excellent progress in achieving technical and business milestones. The company rapidly achieved significant revenue from licensing agreements, and has attracted follow-on investment from a major institutional investor. Funding sources have included:

  • Series C: Institutional Investment Round:  Strides Arcolab has made a series of strategic investments in Oncobiologics. Strides Arcolab, listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange Limited (532531) and National Stock Exchange of India Limited (STAR), is a global pharmaceutical Company headquartered in Bangalore, India that develops and manufactures a wide range of IP-led niche pharmaceutical products.
  • Series B: A global institutional investor provided Series B funding, which sustained operations until achievement of revenue
  • Series A: Angel investors provided significant seed capital to support company launch and early operations.
  • U.S. Government Grant:   The U.S. government recognized the promise of Oncobiologics in 2011 with a significant grant from the Qualifying Therapeutic Discovery Project Program(QTDP). QTDP was designed to fund start-up companies that focus on reducing healthcare costs in the U.S., curing cancer and job creation.

In addition, Oncobiologics qualified for and received government backed financing for equipment and facilities through the Small Business Administration (SBA).

Within 18 months of the official commissioning of the Oncobiologics R&D facility, the company achieved important revenue milestones through regional licensing partnerships and is now largely self-sustaining through revenue.  Oncobiologics believes the pace at which we achieved revenue reflects the flexibility of our business model, the high quality of our biosimilar assets and the dedication of our team.


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