Discovery Platform



Discovery Platform

The Oncobiologics TRIDENT Discovery Platform is a modular scaffold that can be customized to enable the development of a broad pipeline of novel therapeutics. The scaffold features three core features, which together provide enhanced tumor and tissue penetration, improved targeting, and enhanced pharmacokinetics (PK).  When combined, these features allow for improved clinical safety and effectiveness.

The name TRIDENT is based on the 3-tool nature of the platform (TRI) and its purpose:  Discovery of Enhanced  Novel Therapeutics (DENT).


  • Single-Chain Antibody Based

Single-chain antibodies in either bi-specific or mono-specific configuration provide optimal tumor and tissue penetration, while offering the flexibility to utilize dual affinity targets to enhance target binding and reduce off-target systemic side-effects.


  • Human Serum Albumin (HSA) Binding

HSA binding improves targeted delivery to tumors/and diseased tissues, minimizes off-target systemic side effects and enhances pharmacokinetics from minutes to 5-10 days.


  • Antibody-Drug Conjugate (ADC)

The Trident platform enables the use of ADC to enhance or supplement therapeutic impact while leveraging the penetration, targeting and PK advantages of the other platform features.



Characteristics of the TRIDENT Platform



  • Small size (~60kD) produces better tumor penetration – small size ~ 60 kD.
  • Attached Human Serum Albumin (HSA) enbles targeted solid tumor delivery.
  • Attached HSA also produces enhanced pharmacokinetics.



  • The platform is modular and enables plug and play design, utilizing antagonist or agonist to various therapeutic targets.
  • If drug/toxin payload is therapeutically required, the scaffold features a designed site for conjugation.



  • Platform for discovery & development of fully human bi-specific single chain antibodies.
  • No ADCC or CDC to reduce off-target toxicity.


Cost of Goods:

  • Higher potency resulting in low therapeutic dose  minimizes manufacturing capacity requirements.
  • Mammalian or microbial expression systems feasible.


Drug Delivery:

  • High concentration formulation allow for subcutaneous delivery and self injection devices.